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Carolyn FordCarolyn Ford offers consultation and analysis based on Your Human Design. The Human Design System is a revealed science that illustrates the mechanics of who you are based on your DNA. It is a blueprint of your genetic code deciphered through accurate birth data. You can learn what is consistent within and where reliable decisions are made.

Human Design is a synthesis of many esoteric systems that reveal the formula for the Human DNA including the Kabbalah, the I Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, Astrology, Astronomy, and Bio-Physics.

In this system we are categorized into four basic types, Manifestors, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Which type are you? In each reading Carolyn gives you a strategy that guides and protects you in all aspects of life, personal, business and social. Each type meets the world differently.

Ultimately the goal is awakening to our true nature and becoming ourselves. We are all meant to be different and live out unique destinies. Experimenting with your own personal formula and living your design is the easiest path to awakening in this life.

Carolyn has a gift of compassion and a vast understanding and love of humanity. With a background in counseling and diverse esoteric studies her readings and consultations are an experience that will set you free. You are invited to awaken to a new awareness of self at a cellular level.

Consultations, analysis and classes are offered in her office overlooking the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona.

Human Design Analysis
with Carolyn Ford is an experience at the Cellular Level!

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